Pain & Rehabilitation Solutions' pain Management Program is a comprehensiveindividualized program that provides coordinated, goal-oriented, interdisciplinary team services and programs to individuals with Chronic Pain Syndrome that may include:

  • Assessment of Chronic Pain and Mental Health

A licensed professional counselor supervised by a Board Certified Pain Management Physician assesses psychological symptoms and mental health progress in treatment.

  • Mental Health Management

  • Individual Counseling  
    One-on-one work, focusing on developing good coping strategies.
    Explores strengths, abilities, and vocational status and return to work conditions.

  • Group Counseling
    A supportive group helps decrease patient's isolation, provides opportunity for learning coping skills and achieving goals defined in group counseling.
  • Medical Consultation and Management
    Decreases pain levels; decreases use of narcotic medication (discontinuation); improves sleep; decreases level of depression.
  • Stress Management:

Helps patients become aware of stressors and how they affect pain.  Teaches healthier ways to cope with stress, worry, family problems, and work-related issues that increase pain and muscle tension.

  • Biofeedback Training:

Focuses on techniques of relaxation that decrease muscle spasms, decrease the need for medication, improve coping strategies, and reduce stress.

  • Physical Conditioning:

Improves range of motion and helps patient to maintain gains in muscle tone and strength.  Avoids further physical deterioration.  Includes Aqua Therapy.

Additional Components for Pain Management:

  • Nutrition:

Teaches patients how to manage their diets to optimize healing, reduce stress, and control their weight, all of which add another facet towards the management of chronic pain.

  • Music Therapy:

Teaches patients how to use external queues, such as music, to manage and decrease their levels of pain, anger, anxiety, stress and depression.

  • Aftercare Program:

Continued key to chronic pain management beyond exhausted benefits, based on individual needs.


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