Pain & Rehabilitation Solutions' pain Management Program is a comprehensive, individualized program that provides coordinated, goal-oriented, interdisciplinary team services to individuals with Chronic Pain Syndrome.

Goals of the Program Include:

  • Reduction of chronic pain
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • Increase in psychological control of pain
  • Decrease in psychological stress and physical tension
  • Increase in physical exercise and activity
  • Decrease dependency on medication
  • Decrease dependence on health care system
  • Increasing the likelihood of returning to work

Chronic Pain Syndrome patients include those who complain of enduring pain, whose behavior differ significantly from their Premorbid status, who have not responded to previous appropriate medical, surgical, and/or injection treatments, and those whose behavior interfere with their physical, psychological, social and vocational functioning.

Our services include:

- Assessment of Chronic Pain and Mental Health
Mental Health Management
- Group psychotherapy
- Biofeedback Training
- Exercise
- Physical Conditioning
- Vocational counseling
- Nutritional counseling
- Medical Management
- Aftercare Program

  • Physical Therapy

- Patient Evaluation only
- Patient Evaluation and Treatment
- Balance Training
- Cervical Traction
- Lumbar Traction
- Cold Pack / Hot Pack
- Electrical Stimulation
- Functional Mobility
- Gait Training
- Paraffin Bath
- Ultrasound
- Therapeutic Exercise
- Manual Therapy
- Neuromuscular Re-Education
- Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
- Home Exercise

  • Other Services

- MLS® Laser Therapy
- Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
- Impairment Rating
- Pre-Employment Testing
- Work Hardening
- Work Conditioning
- Individual Counseling
- Mental Health Assessment
- Psychological Counseling
- Chronic Pain Management




All therapy procedures help improve function, mobility, strength, roam, flexibility, coping skills and endurance. They will help decrease pain, and promote ability to return to work on light duty/full duty, posture/body mechanics, promote health, physical well being and functional mobility.

Physical Therapy frequency can vary from five times a week to only one time a week, and the duration can be eight weeks, four weeks, two weeks, depending on each patient medical necessity.

The clinic provides mental health assessments, individual psychotherapy and group therapy. There is a comprehensive pain management program that helps patient’s cope and adjust to their injuries and pain. The goal is to help the patient function more effectively in everyday activities and to return to work if at all possible. The focus is on patients becoming active participants in controlling their pain. Cognitive behavioral techniques, along with relaxation training, are used to reduce psychological symptoms and distress which contribute to the increase and continuation of chronic pain.  

For more information about our services, please call (713) 334-0530 or contact us here.